Where can I find and generate a Subscriber Token?

Click here for instructions on how to find and generate a Subscriber Token.

Why don't I see very much manufacturer's data attached to the labor units

We are currently working with manufacturers to get their data uploaded and hyperlinks connected to our website. This will be an ongoing process so please check back regularly.

Are manufacturers’ data hosted by MCAA?

Manufacturers’ data are not hosted by MCAA, rather hyperlinks to the manufacturers’ website are embedded in the program. Manufacturers are responsible for accurate maintenance of their own data. 

How can I update WebLEM labor hours in my estimating software?

Our License agreement with estimating software providers requires them to distribute up-to-date labor units, so they will be required to manage this (a list of authorized estimating software providers can be found at the bottom of our landing page beta.weblem.org.

Can users download mass data into their own proprietary estimating program?

No, MCAA does not intend to provide means by which every user can download all WebLEM data with one click and create their own version of the database.  This functionality is reserved for software providers only.  MCAA Contractors will be able to download one table of data at a time.

What do the ID tabs provide WebLEM users? 

The ID tabs provide users with a table of unique identifiers that MCAA assigns to every data point so that all software vendors can tie their information to WebLEM.  With this approach, software vendors can easily maintain their database every time MCAA makes changes to the WebLEM.  Check with your own software provider to find out their status of connecting directly to our data ID’s as this functionality is specific to each of them.

Can labor units be directly embedded into drawing content?

No, because when users share drawings, they would be giving WebLEM labor units to others who are not authorized to have access to those units.  That’s why our license agreement with software vendors requires them to only embed our MCAA unique ID in the drawings.

With this new release, it seems there are many changes to the labor units.  Can you explain the nature of all the changes?

All items that have changed will be highlighted yellow for 6 months.  The WebLEM Committee corrected rounding errors that were common on nearly all flanged items due to the calculation for flange labor. We also found an error in our formula related to reducing items and corrected that so nearly all reducing items have changed a small amount.  We have assessed all of these changes in whole and we are convinced they don’t amount to any significant change at all in a project labor estimate. We estimate the overall change in job labor estimates due to these changes should be less than one tenth of one percent.